Social Stock; Swipp Lightens Up Its Aim For Perfection After Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) Popularity

facebookSwipp, a social site, has been in the process of seeking perfection within its social system since two years of time span until now Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) had announced one of its new launch ‘Graph Search’. This news hit around the global very abruptly especially to Mountain View startup which had decided to go public as well in a different methodology than that of Facebook’s.

Swipp can be included in the first tech project of Facebook by Zuckerberg successfully at Harvard on a tight schedule than university’s very own student online directory, leaving behind innovative student to think of creating a similar site known as ‘Harvard Connection’.

Of course Swipp team has not given up and is in the process of making further tech media rounds in the upcoming weeks. The company is teeing up a genuine product with a real capability. The company is expected to become more commercial viability to a wider social network, the one that shares data back with its users instead of locking it up. In doing so, the momentum of the company towards prosperity is certain to rise as users have already started to complain about Facebook in terms of security risks.

According to Swipp CEO (ex CEO of Apple and Netscape), Don Thorson, it’s more fascinating for the companies if Swipp is a point of discussion with them. He further stated that there us a union lying among them and their clients which is not at all rational.

Swipp however is not yet observed to be carrying the feature like ‘Graph Search’ instead it searches the particular places or people that are obliged with 1-5 rating or tagged in the uploaded photos by Swipp users themselves. Swipp runs a process of supplementing the social data with freebase info content which according to it is called as social intelligence. It further provides the users to rate and comment over people, places or objects (items, things).

Swipp claimed to be a more open ended network than Facebook is ever said to be which allows its users to download and reuse particular entered information. In order to establish itself as an omnipresent social network, it declares to open up and API with some of the restrictions imposed on the other social site.

FB stock traded up 1.20% to $31.21  in current session.

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