Social Stock In News; Yandex App Wonder Was Blocked By Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB)

facebookYandex, Russian search giant recently launched a social discovery application integrated to Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) to acquire data. However, Facebook immediately blocked its access for the application within hours of its launch.

Facebook said that the application by yandex was violating its Platform Policies. After Facebook stance Yandex will now pull the application from the app store and hold it back for now.

Yandex in a statement said that their team discussed the issue with Facebook management from Facebook it was confirmed that the app has something that currently violates its Platform Policies.

According to Facebook policies section No I.12, no application can obtained data from Facebook and directly use it in any search engine or directory without the written permission of Facebook. Therefore the main reason of Facebook restriction is Yandex being a search engine.

The arrival of Wonderv and blockage of Voxer, has started a new security debate about the scrutiny of Facebook to allow other apps to use its data.

The Wonder application was put together by Yandex lab and it took a team of three to complete the app in an year.The team comprised of Maxim Grinev, Maria Grineva and Sergey Fayfer.

Their app idea was to collect different data from websites like Facebook and Foursquare, and apply new algorithms to digest and cancel out repetitive. The core data to app was to be provided by Facebook’s Graph API.

So all those who are developing such applications that have to rely on Facebook has now to start looking for other social networks like Facebook in the market.

FB shares gained 0.88% to $30.98 in current session on Wednesday.

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