Robert Pattinson Feels Lonely Without Kristen Stewart During Filming

Robert Pattinson decision to be on trial on separation from his girlfriend Kristen Stewart. And he is now completely concentrating on his carrier by keeping himself busy in filming The Rover in Australia. But some sources close to him claimed that in all this stuff he still missing his lady.

During his long distances time duration and trial separation Robert sometimes give him some time to reflect on his relationship with Kristen, the only thing he reflects from it is that he want her more.


During his filming The Rover in Australia Robert and other member of the crew are going deeper and deeper into the remote areas for filming, and this situation effect British hunk, and causing him to go more lonely.

Previously when Robert move to Australia, news coming down that he is not alone in the country because he was spotted doing a lot of parties. Due to this reason people started saying that he is charged for another lady, but it got all false when he left the city to shoot in remote area, where he realized that how lonely he is.


When the filming of The Rover is in progress, he is protected by umbrellas to keep the scenes and his appearance top secret.

No doubt there is no statement given by both side regarding their relationship, which appears that Stewart is feeling ignored, but still then he really feels about her.

According to one of the source close to the couple make clear that the time difference is 18 hours and 30 minutes between Adelaide in Australia (where Robert is filming The Rover) and Los Angeles in US, and the couple Stewart is making it virtually impossible and has facing difficulty in communicating with each other regularly and easily.

Sometimes when Robert is starting his working day, then on the other side Stewart is busy and not available for him, and vice versa. And Robert is not good at sending texts, or keeping in touch in the first place.

Despite reports that the couple is planning to arrange their big day in the country, but they are facing difficult, as the couple can hardly find time to speak.

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