Our writers

Other than the below mentioned staff, we also have part time contributors, who contributes off and on.

Brandon Miller
Brandon Miller, a graduate from Alabama based University of Phoenix and work as Business News writer for Potential Traders. Since graduation days, he is writing blogs for university magazines and different websites. Possess a firm grip on current happenings, businesses moves occurring all over the world and currency market trends. Miller has used his writing skills in the field of finance, economics and Forex. Miller has an obsession for tourism and loves travelling and exploring nature.

David Graves
Born in Baton Rouge, David Graves is a business graduate in journalism from New York University. Loves to stay updated with economic activities and is fond of writing articles on business news and current happening as freelancer. With an internship carrier with some of the big names of journalism, Bryan made a decision to work actively with Potential Traders as news contributor. He spends leisure time playing chess and reading business journals.

Erin Rice
Erin Rice is freelance writer. His research interests include Equity Markets and Economy and contribute some of the most original content and instinctive thoughts on the Street. He writes diverse articles that let anyone, from institutions to the most modest investor, to collect the data and knowledge necessary in order to make intelligent and lucrative investment decisions.

Shawn Langlois
Shawn Langlois is a graduate of Drexel University with a Master of Business Administration in Investment Management and initially he worked with few private equity firms in USA. He has over 10 years’ experience in financial corporate communications, working at for-profit, not-for-profit and publicly-traded companies. He contributes to Potential Traders Investment Ideas section.

Justin Haver

Haver cover entertainment news, he has master in Media Studies and working in this field since 2008.  Very jolly and energetic person.