Kristen Stewart: Bella’s Wedding Ring is My Favorite Pieces of Jewelry

Kristen Stewart has once again opened about her Twilight experience, when she talks about her jewelry she wore in the film, while interviewing with Elle UK.

She openly declared that the ring she wore during her wedding scene of ‘Breaking Dawn: Part 1′ with Robert Pattinson, was one of her favorite jewelry item. The ring is possessed by the actress, which she took from set.

There is still a lot of speculation regarding the relationship of Kristen and his boyfriend Robert Pattinson. No doubt the couple has re-united their relationship after Stewart cheating affair. But there is still some stress from Robert family, who want to quit the relationship.

Bella's Wedding Ring


Currently the two seem to be comfortably back together, and the 22-yea-old actress has admitted that she value some a momento from the set of Twilight, which are too important for the couple, especially the ring she owns is very much dear to her.

Additionally told in her interview she told that all the pieces that she possesses from the set of the film have really important for her. Kristen, 22, said, she has the entire jewelry item from the film including her wedding ring. In-spite jewelry she added she had some other pieces from the film which include a Cartier ‘Nail’ bracelet and vintage, which she wear a lot.

Engagement ring


She said that is her habit that she often takes some souvenir items from her each film. Stewart added the she love to wear the costume of her film, because they are very important to her. Even she has amour from her Snow White and the Huntsman film and often wear the T-shirts from The Runaways.

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