Kim Kardashian Disgrace By Fans

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian faces a negative remark from her fans, when she tweeted in support of Israel. The TV reality star was later on forced to remove her tweet as she received dozens of death threats and anti-Semitic tweets.

The comments emerged after Hamas militants made a rocket attack on Jerusalemin, the reaction to the death of Hamas military chief by Israel’s. After this news she tweeted “Praying for everyone in Israel.”

According to Hollywood Reporter as this comment was posted by Kardashian, she was bombarded by her fans with negative tweets on her twitter account, it is estimated that about 17 million fans participated in the negative comments against her. And as a result she simply apologized and remove her writing from twitter account.

After the immediate affect from her followers a statement was released on her website regarding the scenario. She said that she really don’t want such kind of situation, her prayers were for both the sides, but as some of Kim followers get angry with it, so she apologized from them as she realize their feelings, Kim said.

Additionally she explained that as the fighting was about a religious believes but her prayer’s was for those countless innocent people who do not select this battle and they are dying in the situation. And she said her prayers are for the resolution of the problem such that both the side begins to live in piece.

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