HTC Surpasses Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) in China Market, Report

Apple Inc HTCHTC Corp. sold 2.8 million smartphones alone in China in the third quarter which is 5.8% of China’s smartphone market. It surpasses Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) as the number is greater than the number of smartphones sold by Apple.

China Unicom Chairman Chang Xiaobing during a meeting of Chinese state-owned enterprises remarked a positive note about HTC and said that HTC’s smartphones from well known Taiwan brand are selling great in China. He also appreciated cooperation between HTC with China Unicom and other carriers in China. Mr. Chang further added that in China smartphone demands would continue to grow in 2013 and hoped for stronger cooperation with other Taiwan companies for industry growths.

HTC Corp. is facing tough time in hands of Apple Inc. (AAPL) and Samsung Electronics Co. and its shares are declining in market due to theses tough competitors.  However, in China the Taiwanese smartphone is trying its strong hold by making three critical partners: China Unicom (Hong Kong) Ltd, China Telecom Corp and China Mobile Ltd.

The big three players will play a major role in promoting HTC in China market.

HTC which was not very much popular two years earlier, gained a sharp recognition in smartphone market by launching number of Android based and windows based phone. Its latest release is HTC X, carrying flagship of windows 8 operating system. In middle and high-end smartphones, HTC, however, lacks in any competition with Samsung. Profitability of HTC has declined over the year and many analysts think that company will post lost in the fourth quarter.

In last election in Taiwan, HTC Chairwoman Cher Wang Ms. Wang expressed her support for pro Chinese policies and President Ma Ying-jeou. She also named HTC a “Chinese brand that was not appreciated by many Taiwan’s lawmakers who called for a boycott of HTC products. Even Online messages for boycott of HTC started over the statement, with one graphic showing HTC “handcuffed to China.

In another news an Apple Inc. (AAPL)’s product package containing explosive was reported yesterday, near Building A of the Apple distribution center in Northern California which was evacuated. The Elk Grove Sheriff’s Office said that they are coordinating with Explosive Ordnance Disposal team to inspect the package.

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    Well as Apple’s leading phone isn’t even selling in China yet, is this a surprise?

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