Finally, Research In Motion Limited (USA) (NASDAQ:RIMM)’s Latest BlackBerry Models Unveil

RIMM BlackBerry 10Canadian telecommunication company Research In Motion Limited (USA) (NASDAQ:RIMM) has finally coming with its new smartphone. This week is really a big for the RIM because they unveil a long-awaited smartphone against its competitors including Apple, Samsung and many others.

RIM’s latest BlackBerry 10 finally comes after many delays 18 months without a new smartphone, but now this will be a outstanding start on that takes place simultaneously across many cities.

RIM faces many challenges in every sector of its production and its plans to on Wednesday to unveil its two new BlackBerrys smartphones.

Company in its latest released stated that company’s CEO Thorsten Heins inaugurate the new smartphones from the stage in New York on Wednesday and describes features the company hopes will resonate with consumers, while RIM is also staging events in many cities including Toronto, London, Dubai and Johannesburg.

RIMM said that for its new smartphones they adapt some 70,000 apps but it has had to cover up some breaks just like an app for Facebook by building its own versions.

According to IDC, a research based company, market share of the Canadian company RIM has battered significantly since it last released a new phone in mid of 2011. In last year, other companies including Apple and Android covered nearly 87.1% of the world’s smartphone shipments.

Executive director Neil Mawston of Strategy Analytics, thought in such way about RIM latest technology gift that the company needs to sensation in BlackBerry10 at least in six main areas, new BlackBerrys new hardware designs, its display, its software must be professional and bug-free, RIM will need to show that its services and apps for its latest phones are growing fast for all, company must demonstrate that its latest BlackBerry’s have at least basic multi-screen qualities and on last, the company must have multiple tier-one operators on board worldwide and they must be dynamically promoting the new models of BlackBerry, so all of these areas will be considered a success this year.

The founder and principal analyst of the Endpoint Technologies, Roger Kay said about RIM that the company basically needs to demonstrate that it can keep its core customers like financial and government agencies. Kay said that the numbers of volumes are less important for the company, although showing some excellent sales figures would be good. He added that BlackBerry’s company value proposition has always been safe and sound, reliable corporate email for serious business types but it needs to prove it can still persuade and satisfy this important audience.

Research Vice President of Gartner’s Consumer Devices team and agenda manager for Consumer Devices, Carolina Milanesi said that in the short period of time, the number of mobile operators that put their money where their mouths are, and really put their marketing money behind RIM’s latest smartphones, will be important.

RIMM shares moved up 4.34% to $16.36 in current session.

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