16 Year-Old Kendall Jenner To Model Racy Lingerie

16 year-old Kendall Jenner most famously known as the half-sister to the Kardashian girls, has revealed she is set to model for raunchy lingerie brand Victoria’s Secrets.

Kendall, who has appeared on the Kardashian family’s reality TV show Keeping Up With The Kardashian’s since she was a young girl, has been thrust into the spotlight since coming of age.

Daughter of Olympic athlete Bruce Jenner, Kendall is tall for her age and carries the perfect attributes for a high fashion model. She has already been making a name for herself in the fashion world, however until now most shoots she has been involved in have been age appropriate.

Source: Twitter.com/KendallJenner

The news of Kendall modeling for Victoria’s Secrets may shock many due to the reputation of Victoria’s Secrets models wearing next to nothing. Kendall is considered an underage girl in the US, and modeling revealing underwear could be a step too far by pushy mother Kris Jenner. Kris is often seen on the reality show encouraging her daughters to get involved in ‘sexy’ shoots, and most famously was the driving force behind Kim Kardashian’s controversial Playboy spread.

Kendall previously expressed a desire on the show to be a ‘normal’ teenager, and has been known to walk off the set of fashion shoots, after feeling pressured into them. However, this time the teen seemed happy about the work tweeting: “on set of a Victoria’s Secret photoshoot! #NBDDDDDD.”

Until the final photographs are unveiled, its only speculation as to whether the shoot is appropriate for Kendall. It is no secret that girls of the same age are used worldwide in high fashion modeling, fashion catwalk shows often use 15 and 16 year-old girls to model skimpy and revealing clothing, however as a TV personality Kendall Jenner has become somewhat of a role model for American girls, and her involvement in a ‘sexy’ project could anger many.

Article By Victoria Beckett

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